Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ceduna to Port Augusta (end of Eyre-Highway)

Ceduna - Wirrulla - Minnipa - Poochera - Wudinna - Kimba - Iron Knob - Port Augusta

after five days in Ceduna, on Nov 2nd, I hit the road again.
As soon as possible I wanted to come to Adelaide, so I decided to skip the Eyre Peninsula (Streaky Bay...., Port Lincoln) and keep riding on the Eyre Highway

Well, the Eyre Highway and me, we became no friends. ca. 70 % of the distance from Norseman to Port Augusta (1.675km) , I had bloody headwind. I had no problem with the heat and the hugh number of roadtrains (due to harvest time), but the wind killed the fun while cycling. Although I checked three different weather forecasts every day, sometimes I strategically took a day off, but cycling on this highway was one of my toughest rides. (btw. in Kimba I reached 16000km, bike only)

the big pleasure were the meetings with the friendly people. When I stayed a little bit longer in a town, so there was time to have longer conversations. I enjoyed it very much, because I am quite curious. This is my third time in Australia (first two time by campervan and car) and it is a Western mentality, but many differences.
Especially when I meet German residents I always ask them for the reason, why leaving Germany and if they could imagine to go back to Germany. very interesting answers :-).

On Nov 8th, after a 165k ride , I arrived in Port Augusta, exhausted but happy and a little proud of my achievement.

Marie from Dresden (right), now resident, with her Partner and some collegues, transporting grain

I met Takashita, the Japanese walker, again on the road

water pipeline

"small" tractor

many German names....

very friendly car driver, who offered me some water.

no fun, when I had to leave the road due to roadtrains and/or caravans...

early morning start

trucks at the iron ore mine in Iron Knob

the village is a ghost town....  some people live there, but no shop, only a post office..

water tanks before Port Augusta

Museum in Port Augusta

Mr. Eyre

radio device for distance learning

the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Visitor Center and Museum in Port Augusta

Port Augusta

Flinders Range

awesome encounter

Silo Storage in Minnipa