Bike & Technology


For my world cycling tour, I purchased a specialised trekking bike that permits a total load of 180 kg including the weight of the driver. There are several boutique manufacturers that make such bikes, and I decided for a company called Velotraum. I placed special emphasis on a maintenance-free gearbox made by Rohloff, which supposedly lasts up to 20,000 km. Well, we’ll see. I’m excited!

I will also use a one-wheel bicycle trailer manufactured by Extra-Wheel, loaded with two packing bags and another 15 kgs. Both my bike and the trailer use 26 inch tires so that in case of emergency I could use the tire off the trailer for the bike. Moreover, 26 inch tyres are very common in Asia, so it is sensible to use this size. Just in case a replacement is needed…

Of course I need a constant and reliable power supply for my various devices and gadgets. For this purpose, I use two dynamo hubs both at the front wheel and at the trailer. As soon as the bike is moving, they provide up to five volts power. Using the power inverter “E-Werk” by “Busch und Mueller” and the Zzing, I can then charge my USB devices.

Click here for a detailed packing list for my trip.

High-tech on board

To keep you in the loop about my travel adventures, I have created this website and a Facebook profile. I’ll continuously post the most exciting events on my trip. My travel companions: an iPhone for notes, photos and videos and a GPS tracking device with constant satellite connection with which I can report my current position and transmit short messages to Facebook from anywhere in the world. So get on Facebook and like my page!

My adventures and emotions will become a live documentation and be accessible to a broad online audience.