Sunday, 15 April 2012

touchdown in Landshut

this was real exhausting day. start in Munich at 930 and my neighbours gave a small goodbye-party. it was so nice. i left them and i was extremely sad. them i went to my brothers family . well not
to see them especially my nevieuw Paul 2 years old , is not
easy. after 7 hours on my bike with permanent rain it was a really tough ttrip. now i have dinner in a greece restaurant . i have to sleep as soon as possible . the early bird is waiting ;-)


  1. Hallo Gerd,
    Alles Gute nochmal für die Tour!
    Deine GPS Tracker scheinen noch nicht zu funktionieren - laut denen bist Du noch nicht in Landshut, sondern noch in Daglfing ;-)
    Cheers, Matthias

  2. Hi Matthias danke für die Wünsche ! müsste jetzt funzen , oder ? Cheers Gerd