Monday, 22 October 2012

Osh (KGZ), Part III

after a flight of 40 minutes we arrived at the airport in Osh. again a strange situation with the luggage: a small truck with the bags and suitcases came to the end of the runway, where some people were waiting. after its arrival everybody tried to get his luggage first and leave the airport through a small door. well a ramp agent was checking the luggage with the receipt; and scrambling people again. such an unorganized situation, difficult to understand. a taxi took us to the TES Guesthouse. in the evening
we went to the "California" to have some pizza. after half an hour Peter from NL who works in Osh and lived for two years at the TES entered the restaurant and it was great to see him again.

we checked our bikes, made our laundry and relaxed.

in the afternoon we were invited for dinner at Aybek and Aiko's home, with their son Bektur. Both of them studied in Magdeburg (Germany) and Aiko works at the GIZ (see 20.09.)
Aybek worked at the Caritas in Germany, caring for the refugees. It was a great evening because they told us many things about Kirgistan, the problems with the Usbeks and economical problems. we also got an interesting impression about their opinion regarding different situations in Germany.

we tested some of our equipment and later we went for supper to the California.

we left Osh in direction to China....

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