Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bishkek (KGZ) part II

flight from Kashgar to Urumchi...
3 hours delay due to snow. first we landed at a different airport, 300 km far away from Urumchi. at 10:30pm we arrived in Urumchi. we had a snack at then we took a taxi to a hotel, which was already reserved. after a shower we went to bed.

we got up very early. 4:30am. our flight to Bishkek should depart at 9:40. after arrival we were told at the check-in that our flight will depart at 11:40. we met Nura, a young lady from Bishkek, who studies in China, and we spend the morning together. at 11:00 we went to the security check. due to my low weight my trousers are very wide. after removing my belt, my trousers went down to earth and I stand only with my slip in front of the female security officer. she was really shocked.... should be the first time for her to see such a well-trained body ;-). at 1pm we departed !! at 3:30 we arrived at our guesthouse.

we searched for the German Kyrgyz Medical Center. no success.

we searched for the Medical Associates in the Hyatt Regency Hotel... no success
we drove to the hospital in the Kievskaya Street. Richard recommended it, because there is an English-speaking doctor. he was very friendly and made
an high competent impression. due to my illness in China now I had an inflammation in my shoulder. maximum pain during the night. he prescribed me injections. we went to the Sierra cafe where we met Somi and Soha from Iran , traveling by bicycle too. they have to travel without money because their savings are on an bank in Azerbaidschan, which closed the acounts due to the political irritations with Iran... bad luck.

hospital again to make a blood-check and a EEC. all o.k. . brunch with Somi and Soha. and we helped them with some USD. they where so happy about our support.

the inflammation in my shoulder was a desaster. the five injections did not help. Richard recommended me a interpreter and we drove to another hospital. now for the next ten days 3 injections per day and 5 infusions.
the interpreter' s son in law is a doctor and we committed us that he will give the injections in our guesthouse.
since Dec.6th so much better.

we visited the Historic Museum. first floor with the history of the last 70 years: stories about Lenin and the typical Russian sculptures, the rumors in 2010. unfortunetly only in Russian language.
the most interesting part was the 3rd floor with very old tools from more than 1000 years ago. pictures from the farmer's life and work.  

Urumchi, Airport

flight with China Southern, much better than Air China

Yssykköl-Lake, the second largest mountain-lake on the world


entrance to our guesthouse "Interhouse"

learning Russian, but I am without any talent ;-)

this is not Santa Claus !

Santa Claus brought some gifts to Astrid

Urumchi, start to Bishkek in a few minutes

Dan, Richard, Mark, Astrid.. celebrating Astrids birthday at Sierra Coffee

Nura from Bishkek, we met her at Urumchi Airport

Somi and Soha from Iran, traveling by bicycle, too.

yummy !

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