Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thailand rest & selected pics from the last two years

Well,  on April 15th 2012,10:00am I left Munich and since this day I am travelling. From Dubrovnik in Croatia until Koh Kood in Thailand, Astrid Fischer from Vienna was my partner. We know each other from a globetrotter-community and in January 2012 we decided to travel together. Due to the fact that she does not want to go to Australia, our common trip was terminated. She is now on the way to Indonesia, I will go to Australia on August 1st. It was an awesome time with her and we had so many great moments. Have a safe trip, Astrid and hope to see you again, whereever and whenever on the world !

Dubrovnik / Croatia

our start together from Dubrovnik



Tiflis/Tbilisi , capital of Georgia


first class toilet, on the way to Beyneu/Kazachstan

desert of Kazachstan, Aktau-to Karakalpakstan

Khiva / Uzbekistan

National Museum in Bishkek/Kyrgysztan


f....g cold, this wagon saved us for the night.

still Kyrgysztan, on 3.800 meter


Id-Kah Mosque /Kashgar

Roberto, Jamie, Annika, Astrid, me.

72kg, after food-poising in China and vomiting for three weeks.

our godchild and her sister in Bishkek


first time on a horse at Issy-Köl/Kyrgystan (KGZ)

Holy Stone (with Tibetian letters) at Issy-Köl/KGZ

Ferry-tale parc, Issy-Köl

Moon-Lake in Dunhuang/China

Westend of the Great Chines Wall


Panda-Research Center, Chengdu/China

Giant Buddha, Leishan, China

somewhere in the middle of nowhere, close to Meigu/China

March 2013, 3000m

Laos following

my steak ;-)

members of the local guerilla ;-)

Vang Vieng, Organic farm, with Bas from NL.

Vientiane, Laos with Baerbel and Johan :-)

Buddha-Parc, South of Vientiane

coffee plantation, Bolaven-Plateau/Laos

ferry over the Mekong

Elephant-Valley-Project, Sen Monoron/Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Angkot Wat, so gorgeous !

my 2nd god child in Siem Reap

floating villages,

our home for one night while heavy rain

Thailand !!

Schnappi, the croc is stone due to smelling the sea ;-)

Shuvarnibhumi-Airport Bangkokg


King Cobra at the Red Cross Snake Farm

refugee camp with people from Myanmar in Thailand.

Marci Haigh (right) from Partner´s relief and development with patient and interpretor in Mae Sot.

border to Myanmar/Burma

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
the legendary "River Kwai Bridge", who knows the movie ?
Sophie Kurzmann and us on the "River Kwai Bridge". great that she visited us !

Koh Kood

Merry Christmas 2013

gems-market in Chanthaburi

Ingrid, the mother from Astrid on Koh Kood. great to know her !

shut-down Bangkok

campsite in Bangkok due to the big demonstrations

Queen Shirikit Parc

Hua Lamphong Train Station/Bangkok. bye bye Astrid have a safe trip !


  1. Sehr sehr schöne Fotos lieber Gerd! Aber gib zu: Astrid sieht auf dem Pferd irgendwie sicherer aus als du ;-).
    Ich wünsche dir: Happy Biking!

  2. Hoi Gerd, liebe Astrid, schöne Bilder und vorallem: was für ein Abenteuer! Grossartig, davon können die allermeisten Menschen nur träumen. Herzliche Gratulation zur bisherigen Tour und alles Gute für die vielen vor Dir liegenden Kilometer!

    Besten Gruss,