Thursday, 20 August 2015

2x Darwin - Kununurra

June 19th - July 27th

Darwin - Katherine by car - Victoria River - Timber Creek - Saddle Creek rest area - Kununurra - Darwin by bus - Kakadu NP/Litchfield NP by campervan - back to Kununurra by flight

kilometer by bike: 523
kilometer by bus: 823
kilometer by car/van: ca. 2.000
kilometer by flight: ca. 600 (1h)

  • visit of Astrid, my former travelpartner :-)  => extra post !
  • 48th birthday-dinner from my hosts in Darwin (left to right: Karen, Martin and my housemates Tina and Greg)
  • reunion with Marco, my former drum-teacher in Munich and his partner Mona.
     small world ! He is now the head chef in the Country Club of Kununurra. highly recommended !
  • croc tour on the Adelaide River 
  • Kakadu National Park with Yellow River tour and Aboriginal paintings => extra post

  • nice market, but too many people for me ;-)

    impressive, but: make peace, not war !

    croc tour on the Adelaide River. Pat, our guide, a real "Bushie", did an awesome job. one hour telling facts about the crocs. well done mate !

    Crocs, especially the saltwater-crocs, "salties" or estuarine crocs, are perfect predators and they are very very dangerous. a shark "only" makes a test-bite, but a croc does not care.  if you still not know,that there is a river/creek close to you, the croc already knows, that you are here. they can wait under the surface for quite four hours....   and then. fear them more than snakes and spiders.

    I did this tour with highly recommended ! 

  • Joey from wallaroo-tours, our driver/guide for the day trip, did a perfect job.

    Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

    magnetic termites

    my hosts prepared a birthday dinner for me. so nice and friendly ! thank you so much !

    Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
    no, I have no bloody cane toad in my bags ;-) 

    Victoria River, view from the new bridge

    I hate the new pavement. so rough and bumpy.

    boab tree.

    Saddle Creek rest area, beautiful and nice people !

    no fruits or vegetables in the luggage. had to open my food bag.

    bye bye Northern Territory, welcome Western Australia !

  • Nadia, my awesome host in Kununurra and her lovely dog "Lady". so great. thank you very much !!!

    the Kimberlys with Elephant Rock

    "The Pumphouse" in Kununurra.

    back to Darwin. 12 hours bus ride, but not too bad.

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