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Broome - Exmouth - Perth (finish), Adelaide and Melbourne by campervan

Sept 5th till  Oct 13th 2015,

Broome - Roebuck Roadhouse - Sandfire Roadhouse - Pardoo Roadhouse - Port Hedland - Whim Creek Hotel - Karratha - Nanutarra Roadhouse - Exmouth (detour by bus)  - Carnarvan (by bus) -Wooramel - Overlander RH - Billabong RH (headwind 45km/h)- Dongara (by bus) - Leeman - Cervantes  - Lancelin - Yanchep - Perth.  Perth to Adelaide and Melbourne by campervan. (Oct 17th till Nov 4th, over 4000km)

Bikedays: 18
km by bike: 1.743
average distance: 97km/day

Nanutarra RH - Exmouth (detour) :  276km, adjusted:110km (covering the main road)
Exmouth - Carnavon: 360km, adjusted: 146km 
Billabong RH - Dongara: 301km

overall statistics:
total distance of the loop: 15.066 km (14.509+557)
being lazy on the main road in total (by bus) : 557km (3,7%)  :-)
longest distance in one day: 194km (Mount Isa to Camooweal)
bikedays in total: 157
average km/day: 92

 Well, I had a great time in Broome with awesome hosts, and I met nice people, but it was time to hit the road again.
Due to the fact, that at the West coast, the wind will become more and more unpleasant, I began to cycle during nighttime. headwinds are my biggest enemy.
At Roebuck Roadhouse, I got up at midnight and started at 1:30am.  yes, I know, I am slow, but I take my time to depart..   packing, some food...   and I am not on a race.
It was insane foggy, big waterdrops in the air. I hardly couldn´t not see anything, because my glasses had been so wet. and I had to get used to cycle in the dark. it is not only a physical but also a mental challenge. after 2hours I became more and more tired. I stopped my bike, and, while standing, I had a short power nap on the handlebars....  ate a mueslibar, cycling, powernap, muesli bar....   was quite a hard job, but I enjoy the silence and the 1000 stars so much...   sometime you hear a roo or a wallabie jumping next to me and once, a wallabie stopped in front of my bike. I was really lucky that I was able to stop the bike right in time. I have pedals with a toe clip, means, that I can not leave the pedals very fast. I already saw myself falling of the bike, trapped in the pedals, not able to get up, waiting for hours for help....... yes, if you sit for such a long time on the bike you can have so many crazy thoughts ;-)
At 9am, after 117km and many bloody "floodways", I arrived at a rest area. "floodways are pain in the a....  :  first it goes a little bit downhill, and then for 100 till 300m slightly uphill. and this every exhausting.  I occupied one of the shaddy seating accommodations, a table with a bench and had a rest. I was very exhausted. there already were some grey nomads and one the couple invited me for some biscuits and coffee. A nice couple from South Tyrol (North Italy) invited me for lunch, and Ken, a Aussie with his self built truck offered me fresh water. in the evening, invitation for dinner...  my best day at a rest area at all :-)
next morning, only 60km to the next rest area. too windy, so no risk. and due to the fact , that this bloody wind in combination with my saddle, which does not like my bottom (every day saddle sore)  and exhausted me so much, I took three times the bus.

more stories with the following pics.

I hate this sign ;-)

John from Perth, heading north

Hannes and Norena from South Tyrol

it is still a long way.......

different termite mount

one of the worst roadhouses I have ever been..  bad service, bad rooms, bad food..... and the owner want to sell it. no good reputation.

50km to Port Hedland and so much headwind, from the trucks as speed : 9km / h.

the very very long roadtrains from the iron ore mine sites..., if they are oncoming, they give you their headwind as well..... 

some impressions of Port Hedland and here:

huge bulk ships.
I had the possibility to stay at the masonic lodge . very interesting.

leaving Port Hedland at midnight.

good to have a rest .

Coming to Karratha

REAF Festival in Karratha. great music !

 here is the story:

more information about this project:

memorial for the workes with an accident.

a thirsty roo in the backyard of my hosts in Karratha

my awesome hosts in Karratha, Rose and John with their fluffy friends :-) thank you so much ! big pleasure to know you :-)

usually my hosts are not only friendly, they are insane friendly and let me use their car.  this small one is a Toyota Landcruiser, 200 series ;-)

one of the best caravans. slide up, and to the time in Australia :-)

vegetation in the outback.

perfect place for my bike and luggage :-)

the bus company is very good.  . and the brand " Denning" is quite surprising. I lived in a suburb of Munich, called "Denning" :-)

some regular visitors on the caravan park

coming from an awesome dive trip :-)

the "S.S. Mildura".

my new friend :-)

outback-dunny ("dunny" is typical Australian/New Zealand slang expression for toilet)

"touchdown" Perth !!

Peter Stotzer, my awesome host, whom I already met at Balladonia Roadhouse. at this time he was cycling from Perth to Sydney. thank you so much !!!

well deserved :-)

my campervan from Perth to Adelaide and Melbourne...  lost four days, because so many defects and fianlly a breakdown, but happened all in Perth: lock, exhaust, battery, alternator....  the worst rental car/campervan I ever had. but customer service was OK, rental car for free during time of repair, and refund.....  and finally it brought me to Melbourne.

unfortunetly I did not meet this guy , but he was on TV.

Susie, a fellow cyclist. we only know each other from Facebook and finally met each other in Port Augusta. and she did the Nullarbor ! big congrats.

next blog: Tasmania !

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