Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hobart, Port Arthur, Bruny Island, MONA

Nov 21st till Nov 30th 2015

Wind, wind and ... yes .. wind.. bloody head wind all the time., speed up to 50km/h.  . yes, I planned my trip on Tassie wisely, checked always the weather forecast.  when I spoke to locals, always the same answer: for this season it is very unusual, that the wind blows from West to East. 
anyway, I can´t change the weather/wind,  so I rent a car and did quite a lot of sightseeing. Port Arthur, Bruny Island, Unzoo, MONA...

I love Hobart !! 

A big pleasure was to meet Dan again. first time we met each other 2012 in Bishkek /Kyrgyzstan. He travelled on a motorbike from London to Hobart, and he stayed in the same guesthouse as Astrid (my former travel-partner) and I.   awesome reunion :-)

coming from Richmond... insane wind on the bridge and a very narrow bikepath... hard work

ANZAC Memorial in Hobart

new friends in the Huon Valley :-)



a trip to Bruny Island





white wallabie... I was very lucky to see one. took the wrong way and suddenly it was sitting next to the road.

lighthouse on Bruny Island

Cloudy Bay.   http://www.brunyisland.org.au/about-bruny-island/cape-bruny-and-cloudy-bay/

a "must do" on Tasmania..  Port Arthur !!!   



Van Diemen´s Land was the former name of Tasmania..


Harbour Cruise

visiting the legendary Tasmanian Devil... ;-)

(do not mix it up with the Tasmanian Tiger; this animal is hunted into extinction

thank you very much, mankind :-(


Tawny Frog Mouth..


so cute :-)

Tasmanian Devil

a dominant female, and a psycho male....  like in real life ;-)

Huon River

on the airwalk

visiting MONA


if you are not very interested in arts, no worries, it is absolutly worth to visit it , only for the building !

ferry to and from MONA..


I want to have this barbecue grill :-)

all pieces are cut by a laser ...  

the parking spot for the founder.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Walsh_%28art_collector%29

ferry from and to MONA

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