Sunday, 28 September 2014

back to Norseman

September 27th

good news - not so good news:

two days ago I already told you about my health problems. For this reason I decided to stay one day longer in Balladonia. the infection on my skin seemed to be becoming better and I continued my trip my trip. Yesterday , in the evening I noticed that the boil became more infected and bigger. the next doctor 400km far away in Eucla. I planned to go there within 4 days, but there was a remaining risk for a much bigger risk, a blood poisoning. Ok, no chance to come faster to Eucla. While having a beer at the roadhouse bar I met a trucker, who does the trip Norseman-Eucla two times a week.He offered me the possibility to take me back to Norseman, with all my stuff, visiting there a doctor at the local hospital and inviting me to stay at his home with his wife, until I feel better. then he will take me back again to Caiguna.

What a great help !!

the next day I had a small surgery and now for five days I have to take antibiotics. I do not post any pics from this very friendly and helpful trucker, because truckers are usually not allowed to take people with.

currently I am knocked out, so tired because, four times a day I have to take strong antibiotics. my hosts are awesome and I wanna introduce my latest, new friend: Benson, a Staffordshire Terrier, but I call him Arnold (according to Arnold Schwarzenegger,) because he is so strong, but very cude and he loves it playing with me :-)

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