Tuesday, 16 September 2014

more pics from my trip in Western Australia 2010 (by campervan)

Well, I already have seen so many places in Western Australia, so I do not visit them again. I would like to give you a small impression from my trip in 2010. Hope you will enjoy it :-)

around Esperance

boat to Woody Islands

for coal. mining is a very big business in Western Australia

caravan-park , now I stay at the YHA next door.

up to Frenchman Peak

steep climb to the peak. some Asian tourists came there with thongs (flipflops)..not really recommended

Perth to Norseman

VW Beetle, I was very surprised to see a German car there.

a BMW "Isetta". what a big car :-)

Wave-Rock. some other tourists asked me: are you the ranger here ? ;-)

on the Great Eastern Highway

what a huge goldmine, the small yellow points in the middle are the trucks !

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

pneumatic hammer, also called the "widow-maker", causing dust pneumonia

Gold !!!!!

small truck ;-)

unfortunetly no guided tour on this day. but I met a doctor, who was from Munich .

Norseman, Roadhouse

seems, that some people have a gun and use this sign as a target.


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