Wednesday, 1 August 2012


after a small breakfast at our "campingsite" we cycled to Aktau. unfortunetly a flat tyre stopped us for half an hour. we arrived in the east of Aktau and decided to go first to the International SOS hospital to check Astrids hand. after this we would look for a hotel.
Microdistrict 26? where should it be ? a very friendly guy explained and draw us the way. by accident, we noticed the Hotel Silk Way which was on our list. the price for an expensive Aktau was ok and our bikes were safe. so no reason to hesitate.

the breakfast in this hotel is very delicious. after this we went to the local public hospital for removing the stitches at Astrids hand and knee.
after 20 minutes and for the price of 2000 Tenge (11 Eur) we went to the Guns&Roses Coffee bar and had a delicious cake and cappuchino.
it was 2:30 pm and we decided to go to the migration police for registration. this was not funny! they wanted to decrease our 90-day-private- visa down to 10 days, because our visa-agency in Germany did not give us an invitation for KAZ; our visa for Usbekistan will start on the 24th of August. so an extreme serious situation. in the worst case we would have to leave KAZ at the 11th of August. Fortunetly we met Nyssanbay, who worked for Freudenberg Oil&Gaz, (German company, HQ in Weinheim), and he speaks German fluently. he made the translations and pushed the policemen to give us a tourist visa. after four hours of waiting we got it ! great job, Nyssanbay and thanks a million!!

Astrid was very tired, she slepted again and I made some backups of our pictures, so we started in the early afternoon buying some thongs for her and walked to the Kaspian Sea. after lunch, cake and coffee we walked back to the hotel. by the way: not only cycling could be exhausting, we always have to be attentive for our stuff, where and when to go,
what should be organized.... so we are happy if we have the possibility to do nothing.

after breakfast we made our documentation. sleeping and recovering. we bought some food for tomorrow and packed our bags. Astrid was swimming in the Kaspian Sea but it was very cold. dinner than in "The Shamrock - Irish Pub".

today we will leave Aktau in direction to Shetpe and Benyeu... big challange!
the Hotel Silk Way is beautiful with clean rooms, delicious food and very
friendly and helpful staff. for Aktau is big room for improvement.its founded in the beginning fifties of the last century and should have money due to the port and raw materials, but many building really should be painted or redeveloped .the sidewalks are dangerous. you always have to watch your step, big holes and silly constructed stairs can make you fall.

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