Saturday, 25 August 2012

from Beyneu to Uzbekistan

we started at 7am and had the bad road again. no tears for this strange town. much better than Shetpe, but no reason to stay longer than necessary.
a Turkish trucker donated us some energy drinks and a cold EFES beer; what a delicious drink in the heat :-).
after 50km and tail wind we camped early in the afternoon.

this day was really crazy! heavy tail wind with sand. it pushed us up to smaller hills. never had such a wind before! we stopped in a small town with a railway station. well, living in this nasty village is horror. only a small shop, nothing else. for children no good place to grow up.some women at the railway station were selling vegetables so we bought some and had a snack in front of the shop. 10 km before the border we looked for a place to camp. we had the plan to cross the border early in the next morning. no funny thing. wind and wind and wind. we were sand-blasted. suddenly a truck stopped. Ivan from Kiew in a Czech truck, transporting frozen food from Germersheim (Germany) to Massar-el-Sharif in Afghanistan to the German Army (Bundeswehr). we had coffee in his truck and he asked us to take us with to Buchara. he spoke a little bit German so it was easy to communicate. well,we decided to cross the border at midnight, waiting at the UZ-border for him, entering his truck at 5 a.m. and traveling with him till Beruni, close to Khivas, the old silk-road-city. total kilometers in UZ are for us over 1600 km within 30 days. this means every day over 60km, no time for sightseeing... not our attitude, because we want to see Buchara and Samarkand, too.
we arrived at the border at 6pm and cooked some noodles. Ivan already arrived and we had a smalltalk. we slepped in our sleeping bags for two hours and at midnight we left KAZ. no tears, we hope that North-Kazachstan is much better, the south-east (without Aktau) is horrible.

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