Wednesday, 1 August 2012

from Baku to Aktau

our ship is a freight ship for railway waggons. staff of 20, 12 passengers are allowed. fortunetly we got a cabin with the possibility to wash. do not ask for the toilets; pure horror, so dirty and sometimes not working.
start at 9 pm local time, estimated travelling time 20h.
nothing important to tell; we slepped and did our waves and a quiet journey. please notice on the one picture the red, green, yellow and blue ton; they are made in Germany and are for recycling:-). arrival at 10 pm. we had to wait for the first check of the border police. after this we left the ship as fast as it is possible with 85 kg of luggage. after us the unloading process started. one of the men of the border police went with us to the customs office. the officer checked our passports and asked us if we loan the bikes and if we opened our bags... strange. then he wanted to check all our bags with x-rays. we told him that we cycled over 4000 km with the same stuff. due to the late time he gave us permission to enter KAZ. Puh, good luck, otherwise he would have found my samurai-sword, my 44 magnum, and my tommy-gun ;-).
from other globetrotters it was recommended not to camp outside the port area and we asked for permission. no problem at all: camping at Port Aktau at 1pm with high video surveillance.

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