Friday, 21 September 2012

Osh (KGZ), Part I

we crossed the border to Kirgistan without any problems and filling out dubious forms. Since the 1st of August 2012 we need no more visa up to sixty days. as soon as possible we wanted to find the "Tes Guesthouse" which is recommended by tripadvisor.we found it quite quick. it is small but clean and very friendly staff. we had luck, we took the last room. a hot shower since several weeks ! the last showers only had delivered warm water. after this stressful day a big recreation :-)
27km, 2h07, avs 12,9, total 5449

Astrid checked our stocks of food,
I made some reports. later we went to the bazaar, buying our food for the coming days. a visit at the hairdresser was urgent. We went back to the guesthouse and did our laundry. I felt not very well, so we decided to leave Osh on Friday. Astrid cooked a delicious meal. a group of tourists arrived. they were from Switzerland, Germany and USA, heaving
a guided photo-tour.

a long breakfast with the tourists from Switzerland and Germany.
one of the Swiss tourists supports the aid organisation "HilKa" what means "Help for Kazachstan". he told us many interesting things about KAZ and the organisation. We met Aikokul and her collegue Basil for lunch. she studied in Magdeburg/Germany and Prof. Heiko Schrader, whom we met in Bukhara, is her tutor. she works at the German GIZ, the "Gesellschaft fuer internationale Zusammenarbeit". in the afternoon we made some backups and slepted a little bit. in the evening we went to a small restaurant, its name is "California", and was recommended by Peter, a Dutch. He has been working in Osh now for two years, leading a project to develop the region around Osh. Two years ago there were rumors and many buildings have been destroyed.
After a delicious meal, with hamburger and french fries with ketchup for me, pasta with pesto for Astrid and icecream and cake we took a taxi to our guesthouse.

Due to the fact that Astrid had increased temperature we decided to stay one day longer. the coming days will be very tough so it made no sense to cycle with reduced power or take a risk to endanger the situation.

Astrid was still ill.At the breakfast there were two women from the GIZ in Bishkek, one was German and usually lives in Stuttgart. They have a project in the educational sector. Unfortunetly they had to catch the plane, so it was too less time to get more information about their work. after breakfast I prepared an Excel table for my tax-declaration 2012 and made some researches for our next steps, especially how and where to get the visa for China in Bishkek. in the afternoon we met a man and woman from USA, living in KGZ and working for the US government. they have a project for increasing the quality in food. in the evening again "Restaurant California".

Astrid felt better. Gerrit from Cologne stayed in the guesthouse, his LP for China supported us to plan the next steps more detailed.

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