Friday, 28 September 2012

tough decision & deep disappointment!

Well, this was our most sad moment on our trip. due to the fact that Astrid had no more power and she was not possible to eat anything it made no sense to continue our trip through the mountains. if somebody does not know traveling by bicycle it might be difficult to understand. the last two months of our focus was on this part of the journey; how steep, is there water, what kind of food, how will be the weather conditions....? there are so many things to think about. in Western Europe you can travel through the mountains and you will always find a mountain cabin where you can get some food or protection from weather influences. if there would be a serious problem, there will be the SAR-helicopter from the mountain rescue service. here is nothing! perhaps some farmers or shepherds with a mobile phone, but if you have to go to a hospital, you will never get the same treatment as in Western Europe. food is a big problem, too. it is difficult to
find oat flakes or good vegetables. Astrid is vegetarian and all dishes are with meat. it is difficult for me, too, to get the energy I need. only dates or snickers for lunch is too less. I lost minimum 6 kilos of my weight but I feel much better and with more power in comparison to the day of my start. never expected that I can be a sticker, because I learned to cycle more efficient; long distances with a heavy bike and low food... ok that is enough with self-adulation ;-)

well It makes no sense to take the risk of a burnout of Astrid. we had to go back. I compare it with an athlete: you did everything for being a part of a championchip, you trained hard and with a high level of discipline, no alcohol, correct food, low sparetime and suddenly you got injured or ill and "game is over". Never have been so disappointed like on this day! Honestly when we turned back I had tears in my eyes, but we are one team and it is self-evident to care for each other.

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