Friday, 28 September 2012

on the way to the high mountains of KGZ

we left Osh and cycled in direction to Jalal-Abad. we met Chris and Anna from Germany, coming from Bishkek. only 15 min later we met Mark from GB, Timon from NL and Bart from Belgium, coming from Bishkek, too. in the evening, we tried to find a campsite, but there were only houses. we took a sideway and asked a man if we are allowed to camp on the lawn next to his house. he invited us to his home with his family and offered us a possibility to sleep. a chicken soup for supper , how delicious! 54 km , 40km by truck.

we left our host and he asked for money.... hm, seems to be a different understanding of being a host between Europe and Central Asia. I gave him 200 Soms, what is roughly 5 USD. only 36km. Astrid was not fit again. in the afternoon we had a beer with two man on the street. camping at a river.

24km uphill on a gravelled road. indeed a hard job.several farmers with cows and sheeps. we did not know if it would be possible to cycle to the mountains. a severe sheep desease was currently there and many animals died. some areas have been quarantined. after 35 km we camped at a river with campfire. we had a outdoor-shower and suddenly a big flock appeared and one of the shepherds on his horse joined us for supper. he was well informed and it was so funny to talk with him.
he told me to sit on his horse..... well, I would like to ride a horse in KGZ!!!!!!!!

Astrid felt very bad again. it makes no sense to climb the two passes. we decided to cycle back to Osh
and take a bus to Bishkek. camping close to the river two days ago.24km.

we started climbing a hill of 12%. not long but tough for Astrid. she was really exhausted. After 55km of light downhill we tried to find the restaurant where we stopped five days ago, but we missed it. we had to climb another 12%, now for four kilometers! Astrid was so hard to herself. on the summit we stopped and drunk some water, always looking for a truck which can take us to Osh. after ten minutes one stopped and asked us !! good luck and no hesitation! we approximatley saved two days of cycling. well, we are on a bicycle-trip, but if it is necessary to take another means of transportation we take it. there are other cyclists which refuse this attitude, but it is everybodies free decision. after 60 km we hoped out and cycled 6km to our guesthouse. we had luck, we got the last room again. what a day !


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