Friday, 1 May 2015

visa run to New Zealand

March 23th til March 30th 2015

last year I got a visa grant. one-year tourist visa , multiple entry. not too bad. until April 28th I was allowed to leave Australia as many time as I wanted and after each re-entry I got another year.
Due to Easter holiday I decided to fly in March to New Zealand and reenter Australia after one week.

And it was a great possibility to see Annika and Roberto from again. First I met them in 2012 in Bishkek/Kyrgyzstan, then 2nd time in Kashgar/Westchina. They had been working for one year in Christchurch and now they are cycling around New Zealand and leaving to Hawaii and Kanada and ......  . Awesome reunion !!!!

And I met Elizabeth,  a fellow cyclist and her partner Paul. I know Liz only from Facebook, and she lives now in Queenstown.. So great, to meet them !!!!

In Brisbane I booked a flight from the Gold Coast Airport to Queenstown, much cheaper than from Brisbane.

When I arrived at the immigration at the airport, the officer told me, that the scanner can´t read my passport..  OK, no problem, he went to the office, came back... no worries.

Three hour flight to Queenstown. At the immigration the officer told me the same: we have to check your passport..  yes, it became quite funny and well, I suppose they are a little bit paranoid. I have so many visa in my passport, 20 countries, sometimes up to three visa from the same country (Kazachstan, Kyrgyszstan, China, Thailand, Cambodia) , single man , dark hair, with beard. 

Officer: well, your passport is used widely, what is your profession ?... 
Me: I am a global player in bankrobbery...
Officer: Oh, you are a high potential. you can stay longer .

OK, little joke ! never make such jokes at the immigration ! 
I only replied, that I am a writer travelling around the world.. not mentioned , that I do it by pushbike. and I entered NZL easily.

When I came back to Australia, same procedure:
Officer: How long have you been travelling in Australia ?
Me: eight months
Officer: how long do you want to stay in Australia ?
Me: up to 10-12 months
Officer: this is not possible, you can only stay for three months.

I showed him the letter/visa grant from the Departement of Immigration.. 
Officer: I have to check it.   after 10 minutes, to his collegue: yes, unbelievable , he has a one-year multiple entry.....   I was well-prepared, had all documents as a hard-copy, because I expected that they will check my visa intensely.easy entry again...:-)

Well, and now some pics with comments. enjoy it !

guided tour with Liz !  I rent a 29inch MTB in Queenstown..

the biggest population in NZL.  more sheep than human beings ;-)

at Lake Hayes .

a US-American fellow cyclist in Arrowtown

honestly much better than in China today ;-)

I am quite too tall for those tiny houses ;-)



always wanted to do ;-)

Lake Wanaka

Greg, the pilot and instructor. thank you very much !

on the way to Twizel and Mt. Cook

the yellow spots are boats with tourist.

Mt. Cook

bye bye Annika and Roberto was so great to see you again ! have a safe ride !!!

when I drove back from Twizel, I decided to travel to Wanaka again...  the weather was great and I joined another flight...  it is so much cheaper than in Germany..  take the chance ;-)

Ash, the instructor gave me a 30 min lesson in theory (physics and technique), then we checked the aircraft.

Wings are OK ?

oil, engine....  birdsnest inside?

there is one essential screw. check it always !!!

I was allowed to start, did some exercises in the air and landed ....  so amazing :-)

Florian a hiker from Germany. he had a very lucky day. Close to Twizel I met him , gave him a lift to Wanaka, and then he got a free flight :-)

Ash, it was awesome !!!

no , I did not Bungee-Jumping.

Queenstown city centre

bye bye Queenstown ! will be back soon !

and if you know someone from the staff, you don´t have to qeue up and get a good seat ;-)

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