Friday, 25 May 2012

From Cerrik to Korce

this part of the trip was very tough. till Gramsh the road was ok, but after this town we had no asphalt at all. potholes , old roman streets, or gravelled roads were permanently there. many hills and most of the was exhausting but the landscape was gorgeous. suddenly a car came around the corner and I noticed a German car registration nummer..It was Günther, Martina and Walter from hobo offroad aus Ebersberg which is only 40km to Munich. the frame if their car had a serious defect but it was great to
meet them. in the evening we did oir first wild camping in the middle of nowwhere. first we looked for some water. I have a Katadyn water filter so we can drink water from everywhere. Astrid is our Manager for food and she prepared a delicious meal. our tents were close to the road and suddenly two guys came to us asking in Albanian language where we come from and we had a small talk and I was a little bit careful but no problems at all. we started the next day at
9 a.m and we had the same conditions
as the day before. Due the fact
that we have no shocks at our bikes we have to drive very slowly through the potholes. average speed for thos day was only 6 km/h. we met Norbert and Martina from Frankfurt in their Landrover Defender. they were very astonished to see us. we had a funny meeting and they gave us two bananas. hope we keep in touch. the weather was better but we were very groggy. we found a beautiful site for
camping close to the river Devoll. we
washed ourselves in the river and
this was great. pure life! after some noodles we went to sleep. Astrid met
some fishermen and they told her that the bad road ends in 7 km. in the morning I felt not very well. a tribute
to the days before. we cycled
very slowly and we first we did
not noticed that there was asphalt again. after 50 km with very bad
road this was like christmas and easter together:-). we cycled through Maliq
and we were really shocked. a
big factory was totally destroyed. after the dictatory under Hodzca the Albanians destroyed their own factories because they had to work there as slaves. on the one hand you can understand this but they had
no alternatives and this is the
reason why this country is just poor and the unemployment rate is very high. we arrived in Korce and decided
to take a hotel. we had meat
and pizza in a restaurant the owner helped us to find a good and not
expensive hotel. a relaxing situation after two and a half days heavy cycling.

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