Tuesday, 15 May 2012

from Dobri Voda to Shkodaer

from our beautiful hotel we started at 10 with much headwind .during the night it had rained and the weatherforcast was not good . it was quite cold. we pass Ulcinj a well known wine region in Montenegro and it began raining strongly. the road was not very hilly and our rain equipmwnt is really good. we cycled through a beautiful canyon. before Vladimir we had some spaghettis in a very new shoppimg center. never expected such a big store in this region. some motorbikers from Italy had lunch too. it was still raining cats and dogs . we came to Vladimir and at a gaz station we noticed some motorbikers from Austria having some coffee. they came from albania and warned us off the bad
road to the border. now some flash of lightnings supported the rain. the road was really bad . we arrived at the border and the police of Albania was extremly friendly. on our way mamy people waved us. in Shkodaer we decided not to do wildcamping it was to late and so we grabbed some Lek from the bankomat and took a room in a hotel, having the promise from rhe owner that our bikes are safe. in bigger cities it is always the same; thieves are all over the world. the dinner on the evening with traditional fish was very delicious . for the next day we will have rain too.....

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