Tuesday, 22 May 2012

from Shikaj to Durres

in the morning first I had a defect tube. we started one hour later than planned to Durres. in Durres we had a pizza and met Alfred who lived for several years in Munich. after the pizza suddenly i felt very sick. we continued our trip on the highway but I felt worde and worse. We stopped for a few minutes a taxisbus stopped and a man contacted us. it was Florin. he lived for two years in Braunschweig and he noticed my bavarian flag. he will open his bunker cafe (bunker from 1980) and he invited us for a coffee and we joined him close to the beach. I was feeling continouisly bad so we asked for a apartement. i was ill for three days then Astrid was ill. but no reason to be sad. Florin told us so many details about Albania, it was amazing!
I really do not know why Albania has a so bad reputation ... only very friendly and helpful people.

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