Friday, 18 May 2012

from Shkodaer to Shijak

a really tough trip with 113 km heavy rain and an average speed with 20,4 km/h. we cycled on the main road leading to Tirana. in comparison to the days before we felt being fast as an arrow. no mountains no hills and the wind was our friend, too. it was not very interesting. to Kruje we had to take the highway we asked a policeman and he confirmed it. through Kruje it was very funny.manny people waved us the cars we using the sirene. but we are always happy if we can leave a city asap. we decided not to do camping so we find a cheap room close to Shijak. we had a delicious dinner and a very friendly discussion with the owner of the hotel and his friends in a mixture of Italian English and French. after five beers it was time to go to bed.

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