Tuesday, 17 July 2012

from Tbilisi to Lagodekhi

42 km. 3h, 14 avs. 3713 total heavy thunder and flashes. this evening in the tent was unbelievable. so much rain and storm! glad that I fixed my tent additionally with tent pegs.

60km , 3h 45, avs 16km/h, hot and hilly, camping at SOCAR gasstation. total 3773

63km, 3h 43, avs 17, total 3836km. now on the road to Lagodekhi , our last stop before Azerbaidschan. on our way we got so many fruits and vegetables as gifts from the people; really amazing, because they are quite poor. we both noticed that people are much more friendly as on our way to Gori. we visited a shop for farmers from Pioneer/duPont/NuFarm. this company makes the farmers absolutely dependend on their products. you can not use the seed for the next year and you have to buy the special plant protecting products from them. it is an US company but we have the same dubious companies in Germany with BASF and Bayer.
in the evening we arrived in Langodekhi and took the first hotel in the centre.

Astrid and me made a sight seeing trip through the national park. the young woman in the visitor centre was horrible; she spoke German very well but in such a monoton way that I waited for the life jacket and the safety belt, because she did it like a stewardess;-). Astrid wanted to climb to a small cottage and I walked to a small waterfall. heavy and difficult track. I only had my trekking sandals and it was slippery. I met a group from Germany/Switzerland and it was funny with them. Astrid did a very long walk with some guys from Poland and Israel. at the end of my tour I visited the Kiwi Guest house which we noticed by accident. gorgeous place to spend
the nights. Great day ! now a beer and tomorrow Azerbaidschan !

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