Thursday, 26 July 2012

from Sheki to Baku

start at 4.30 pm. 38km, 2h 08, avs 18 total 4039.
camping on a field.

start at 8 for this day. very good route. suddenly a car stopped and we got
an invitation for tea. we discussed with the men the best way to Baku.
after 80 km Astrid had an accident. she hit a stone on the highway, felt, and left hand and knee were seriously injured. first aid at high temperature and no shadow. it was necessary to go to a doctor. the next city Ucar was only three kilometers away but we had no information about a hospital or an ambulance. suddenly I noticed an ambulance car at a service station . great luck ! he called a doctor, after 15 minutes came one told us that there is more do to and we followed with our bikes to a partly new hospital. Astrid has been sewed at her left hand and knee. the doctor was really friendly and organized a room in hotel very close. this hotel was officially closed but we got a room. we got a delicious dinner and went
to bed tired at very high level.
95km, 5h , avs 19, total 4134

we stayed still in the hotel because the heat and the accident exhausted us. we sleeped many hours.

53 km in 2 h 40, avs 20. total 4187. in Kuerdair we decided to take the train to Baku because Astrid wrist was aching and we would not to take any risk of an infection. this train was one of the oldest train in the world; highly uncomfortable wooden seats, the track surely was from before the first world war and the shock absorber did not work anymore. 5 hours were a torture. fortunetly we met Bajil, who studies German and English language and he told us many things about his country. at 11pm we arrived in Baku. Jalal, the friend of Estlan, the hotel manager from Shaki, told us via mobile phone that we have to take a taxi to his home. well, it is a small adventure to find one which carries our bikes and luggage. so we drove with two taxis to him. He also hosted Alexej and Aiguen from Moldavia and we had a funny conversation till 2am.

delicious breakfast with Jalal, Alexej and Aiguen. we left his home to go to the International SOS hospital and tried to catch a taxi. unfortunetly we asked two taxidrivers. the first one did no anything, the second was on the same but he was quite stupid. Jalal explained him the way but he drove three times in a circle and had to ask several people... unbelievable.
at the hospital the doctor checked Astrids hand and knee and we had an interesting conversation. Astrid hand is ok the knee should be monitored. She also got a vaccination for Hepatits A+B, then we went to a restauranti and back to Jalals home

27.07. we had breakfast with Jalal and his brother. we went by metro to the centre and wanted to see the ferry port. as we opened a map Ismail a young man from AZ talked to us and asked for helping us. we walked to the passenger ferry port but this was not correct. we walked further and we stopped at a door without any sign, but it was the right one. the woman informed Ismail that she never knows when the ferry will leave or arrive. well, without the help of Ismail perhaps we would search untill today, but we know the price and we can check it on sunday. in the afternoon we met Leyla a friend of Elshan which is a member of the local mountainbike club and we went through the city to a sports shop, looking for some bikeshorts. due to Ramadan we could not invite her for a coffee or dinner.

28.07. we did our laundry and checked the internet for a hotel or guesthouse in Aktau.we also checked Astrid's the afternoon met Leyla downtown for a little sight-seeing and having coffee.

29.07. we got up early to catch the ship to Aktau. we left Jalal our great host and cycled on the big road to the harbour. on our way we met some cyclists on racebike and they lead us to the harbour. what a surprise! never expected them :-)
at the cashier the woman told us that the ship will departs today and we should be back at 01.00 pm. we visited the International SOS hospital again to cancel an appointment and we met Leyla again for lunch and doing some shopping for our trip.
as we arrived at the harbour a group of the "Mongolia race team" were there; 20 people from all over the world with smaller cars, travelling to Ulan Bator to support an aid project by leaving their cars there. hope we keep in touch !

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