Tuesday, 10 July 2012

from Kars to Tiflis (Tbilisi)

29.06. we left Kars in the afternoon.camping in old mill, where it was very cold and windy.
30.06. we asked for camping on a meadow and got an invitation from a farmers family. great to know a different culture !
01.07.after 40 km steep and heavy road we took a truck over the pass due to it was to windy and cold and we had to be in Tiflis on the 8th. by accident we visited a beekeeper and Astrid was explaining me all the details because she is a beekeeper as well. we met a Russian whott teaches
English and German and is on the way to Syria. just in time we crossed the border to Georgia, camping at
an old water power station close to the river. excellent camp fire :-).
02.07. camping again on the same place, in the evening there was a first strange meeting with some guys from the local village but than no problems. camp fire!!
03.07. invitation at a guesthouse close to Borjomi. during the night someone opened our bags but only a t-shirt is still missing.
04.07. heavy rain and I felt really sick. Astrid asked a taxi driver and he invited us to his home. i had higher temperature and was glad not to do camping.
05.07. only 20 km to Agara, hotel silk road. heavy problems with stomach
06.07. no fun at all with pain in your stomach. Gori Hotel Georgia. nasty city , which glorifies a mass murderer. what a shame !!
we met Guenter and Otmar from EUMM, they monitor the border to South Ossetia.
07.07. we visited Uplistsikhe, a 3000 year old village of caves. sleeping at Guenters Home, Stalin museum only outside ! entrance fee 15 eur ! unbelievable Sorry, but I hate this horrible city.
08.07. on the way from Gori to Tbilissi. 85 km avs 17,6, beautiful apartement,
09.07. Tengo, the owner of the Guesthouse Formula One in Tiflis,
drove us to several bicycle shops looking for brake plates for Astrid. he also made a small sight seeing tour with us. thanks so much !!!
10.07. at 3 am airport, meeting with Ruth a friend of Astrid who brought us our spareparts. we were groggy...
thank you very much !
still sitting in the Cafe and updating

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