Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tiflis (Tbilisi)

08.07.after 84 km, 4h46, avs 17,7 max speed, 56,7 we met Tengo
at the Radisson and we drove to our apartement ! gorgeous !!!
09.07. brake plates for Astrid! Tengo helped us so much. small sighseeing tour with him. book corner cafe
10.07. 3 am airport, Ruth brought us the spareparts. prosperus book shop.
11.07.first visit at a dentist but there was no power. we visited the DWVG, the "Deutsche Wirtschaftsvereinigung Georgiens", which is a part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Germany. Nino and Patrick gave us a summary of the different projects and tasks of this organisation. thanks a lot !
12.07. Guenter from the EUMM in Gori recommended us his dentist. the taxidriver first did not find the way asked two men on the road. one of the men told me that he has lived for 40 years in Mannheim, where I have lived for 18 years. small world :-).
for me the visit at the was no problem. Astrid had some more problems so we stayed 2 hours waiting time included.
after this we went to the Prosperos Cafe. we met two Ladies from the Vienna Waldorfschule and had a funny conversation. after our coffee we went by cable car up to the hill and had a good view over Tiflis. a good beer from the oldest brewery in theStelzenhouse, gave me power again.
13.07. Visit of the National Museum. I did not know that Germany and Georgia have a longlasting economical history. really amazing. in the evening we were invited at Tengos home for dinner. he and his family are so friendly! thank you so much !

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