Thursday, 28 June 2012

from Ankara to Kars by train/bus

a real crazy birthday. wake up call at 0530 and we had to leave the train due to slipped earth. 3 h bus transfer to Divrigi, passing Kangal which is well known for its shepherd dogs. the bus driver was a idiot. he drove too fast and did not take any care for our bikes fixed on the roof. we were very angry. after 3 hours we arrived at Divrigi to enter the train again. very helpful people there ! in the baggage waggon we were invited to tea and breakfast with the conductor and his chef. in the train we met Christina and Thomas from Norway. after 30 hours and arrival in Kars at midnight and checked in at the Hotel Grand Ani. with this journey by public transport we saved 1090 km which is very important for our visa.
we have now more time to travel through Georgia and the Kaukasus.
Astrid just waked up :-)
 in the luggage waggon
Christina and Thomas from Norway, travelling to Georgia


  1. We wish you a save trip! Greetings from Tomas and Christina. I've posted a photo of you on my blog as well,

  2. Hi Christina, hi Thomas,

    hope you are doing well. cheers from Bishkek. Gerd and Astrid

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