Tuesday, 5 June 2012

from Amyntaiou to Thessaloniki

28.05./29.05. We did this section within two days. we bought some bananas in the local Lidl market in Amyntaiou and the cashier asked me if I am from Germany. she told me that she was born in Stuttgart. small world. Astrid was not very fit. the oliv oil from in the evening before caused some problems with her stomach. we passed Edessa with a long downhill section and in the evening we did camping on a peach plantation. the owner worked for several years in Boeblingen which is closed to Stuttgart. he had a spring on his ground and I installed a outdoorshower. after noodles with pesto we went to sleep.
in the morning we started our trip to Thessaloniki. many companies and gaz stations went down due to the financial crisis. it is really sad. we were invited for a nescafe frappe at a gaz station and the owner told us that his sister works as a nurse in a hospital in Garmisch Partenkirchen. the last twenty kilometers to Thessaloniki were really horrible. cycling through big
cities is no fun at all. stop and go, buses, trucks.... . then we took the wrong way and suddenly we were on the ring highway. we took the first exit and stopped at the hospital close to the media market. a man from the rescueteam told us the right way to the Anatolia College in Pylea. we had to take the ring highway again which is really not for cyclists, but after half an hour later we arrived at the college and Hans my second cousin, who is the president of the college welcomed us. great to meet him and his family because in two weeks they will go back to California.

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