Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lake Volvi to Kariani

we cycled from Lake Volvi to N.Vrasna. where we wanted to visit Kostas and Stella in the Cafe Symbol. we did not
find it immediately. a older man in a electro wheelchair contacted us in German language. he lived for a long
time in Hamburg and made a phone call to Kostas. after 3 km we arrived at the cafe, which is directly at the beach and Kostas invited us for a coffee. it was lunchtime so Kostas recommended us the Poseidon. the owner spokes German fluently because he lived for some years in Traunstein which is close to Munich. Kostas had many questions about our trip and was really happy to test my bike with all the bags. after a delicious meal we continued our trip. 2.500 km on this day!!!
in Kariani we asked a young man, just taking a shower on his ground for some water. another man came and he invited us for a barbecue... unbelievable. thanks a lot Georges
and friends !!! 2 km later we camped at the beach.

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