Tuesday, 5 June 2012


29.05. till 01.06.
one of the brothers from Susan, Mike, and his wife Deandrea stayed at the house of Susan and Hans, too. it was so great to meet them. Susan did many sightseeing-trips with them while Hans showed us the campus and we planned our trip. the Anatolia College is very beautiful but the Greece government does not accept the examinations.... really strange. I met Panos again, he will be the successor of Hans. Hans drove us to a bicycle
shop and outdoorshop were we bought some spareparts. in the evening there was a award celebration at the campus
with a delicious dinner. many people were really surprised to hear from our trip . the next day we went by bus to the centre and looked for some sights and spareparts. we also looked for the possibility to go by ferry or bus to Istanbul but no way. no ferry and by bus there was no possibility to transport our bikes safely. this day may package from my brother Bernd arrived. my new saddle !!! hope there is no more pain at all....in the evening we had dinner at the beach with a gorgeous sunset. we packed our bags and it was really late when we went to bed. also the last possibiliy for the cat Olli to sleep in our beds ;-).

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