Thursday, 28 June 2012


11.06 till 18.06.
a big global city . we stayed at the Deniz Hotel in the district Sultanahmet. a pretty hotel with friendly and helpful staff. we also met Anneleen and Uli from Alzey in Germany travelling by motobike all over the world. www. alser-on-tour. they gave us good information about different
visa. first had no time to do any sightseeing. we had to organize our visa for Usbekistan and Kirgistan, look for some winter clothes for Astrid and spare parts because our package from Rose-Versand, a big bike dealer in Germany did not arrived
until the 15th. on the 15th we got our visa for Kirgistan, for Usbekistan we had to wait until the 20th. first visit at the consulate was crazy. we have been told to fill out an online-application, to print this and should come back... thanks god Guercan a master student at the local technical university took us to his office where we did all this stuff. after this we had lunch at the ITU with him and a his collegue. the next days were busy with organisation, too.
on Sunday we visited the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque. with Christine a friend of Astrid we visited the Grand Bazar and the Istanbul Sapphire which is 236 m high.

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