Thursday, 28 June 2012

from Yalova to Ankara

21.06. from this day we decided to travel by autostop even we have the possibility. our visa for Aserbaidschan will begin on the 18th of July so we have a pressure of time. we cycled 54 km and had 35 km by truck. in the evening camping at a beautiful lake sapanca.Suddenly a fisherman visited us to check us, holding a knife in his hand. first a little bit strange than no problems. seems to be normal ;-).total 3161 km

22.06. 88,4 km, very hot, 5 h 03, avs 17, 5 sleept in a small restaurant.

23.06. first truck 30 km to Bolu. it was so hot and a long way uphill that we were glad not to cycle. by accident we had lunch at Filiz/Barilla headquater, the wellknown noodle company. second truck on this day 10 km short before Gerede. during this trip by truck suddenly there was no more fuel
but we were lucky. another truck sold us 10 liters diesel, but than it is necessary that the tank must be vented. another truck driver helped. after half an hour we continued our trip by truck. we were lucky a second time. the driver missed the exit so he took us further uphill than expected :-) we were very thankful !! we gave him 25 TYL and cigarettes. in the evening we looked for a camping site but no possibilty. so we stayed at the hotel Esentepe in Gerede; again a very steep hill but glad to have a warm shower and a delicious dinner.

24.06. after 12 km behind Gerede we were lucky again: Buelent a truckdriver, who transported long iron bars took us 115 km to Ankara over many mountain passes . total bike km 3313

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