Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kariani to Toxotes

this was a quite long trip. 95 km and very hot. we cycled trough Kavala and after 6 km we stopped at a roadhouse. the owner lived in Germany and we had a coffee and checked our emails. suddenly a bus from Turkey arrived and 50 people were entering the roadhouse. we wanted to go immediatly but one of the passengets contacted us. the bus was from Istanbul and as we told our plan to visit
Turkey we had a funny conversatikn. the passengers looked very global, women had no head scarf and no long skirt as many turkish immigrants in Germany.we continued our trip now looking for a camping site. it was very difficult. we met Drossos with his race bike and he showed us a camping site close to the river Nestos. it was beautiful but there were also suspicious people and we decided ti take a hotel. our trip for this day and, due to my cold, the next day, too ended in the Hotel Feloxenia in Toxotes. thanks to Drossos !!!

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  1. Hi Gerd, interesting blog about your global bike trip and the GPS-Satellite Messenger seems to work very well. Nicely to watch your position and your travel impressions. Getting jealous to see all this compared with our bad weather in germany. About 55km/day with over 150kg to carry is quite a good performance. Keep on track and have fun on your trip. It would be cool to meet you in Thailand in the end of the year. Jens from Nuernberg