Tuesday, 5 June 2012

from Thessaloniki to Lake Volvi

we wanted to start at 10a.m. Astrid and me tried to assemble new pedals at Astrids bike, but one was too tight so Hans and her had to drive to the bikeshop. we started at 12 and it was very hot. we were really sad to leave Susan and Karah, Hans joined us for 12 kilometers on his mountainbike. thanks for being your guests !!! we also had to climb up 10 km to Panoramia. we were really groggy.
we had lunch in a small village and suddenly a car stopped and
a young man came to us and invited us to be his guests in N. Vrasna, because this kind of travelling is his permanent dream. we were very glad about this invitation and we confied our visit. in the evening we camped at the lake Volvi, washed ourselves and some clothes and had some noodles.

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